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Broughton Industrial Series

When large quantities of portable heat are required the Super Giant Series is without pier. Already a familiar face across some of the continents most demandng industrial sites with its brick out house construction and powerful heat delivery systems the Super Giant series can pump up to 80kW of heat down over 100m of duct. With a number of safety features such as full phase protection, an innovative heat purge system and multistage controls that can be adapted to suit any application these impressive heaters can deliver a (temperature rise) of over 100oC at up to 10000m3/hr and 5000pa. To help withstand the toughest applications these units are made from machine formed steel construction with an oven hardened finish that means they're left standing no matter what.

ImageModelMax Capacity (Kw)VoltagePrice (Inc VAT)
42400v 3ph £2,970.00
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63400v 3ph £6,865.00
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